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``Changed my body, changed my life``

Emma's 30 Day Vitality Series – launching Sunday 13th May 2018
Created by me - Emma Ellice-Flint - qualified nutritionist and chef.

Everything you want to know about eating well for vitality, hormone balance and fat-loss.

"Here’s my knowledge and experience wrapped up in a package that offers women a way to achieve better balance and happier hormones!"

  • I’ve done all the planning for you, with weekly menus and a recipe ebook right into your inbox.

  • Realistic recipes for a whole 30 days, all gluten free.
  • Loads of inspiring photos to go with the recipes, some with videos to show you just how easy they are to make.

  • What to eat and why – giving you a better understand what different ingredients are doing in your body.

  • Most ingredients available at regular shops, with a list of online suppliers for the few harder to find items.

  • All food groups are used in the program – vegetables, fruits, nuts/seeds, legumes/pulses, flesh, eggs, dairy, grains (except gluten containing grains).

  • Extra interesting stuff each week about health from me for you to read or listen to if you have a spare moment. Such as optimal eating for your gut, emotional eating, relapsing, breathing, sleeping well, feeling hungry, anti-inflammatory foods, social eating, hormonal imbalance.

  • Bonus sessions!! Extra knowledge segments each week interviewing leaders in their field – gynaecologist, psychotherapist, osteopath and horticulturalist and so much more!

  • Plus a free gift from me to you when you sign up I’ll be mailing you a gift of special inspiration cards design exclusively for the programme by water colour artist Sally Foden, and some quality spices from my favourite spice company, The Spice People

Benefits of the program:
  • Get back to enjoying food, creating dishes without guilt, instead eating wholesome natural fresh ingredients.
  • Gain balance with – your hormones, your skin, your weight, your moods, your sleep and your body.
  • Ask me questions – Throughout the 30 days you’ll be able to get in touch with me to ask any questions.
  • Increase your energy and feel vital
  • Kick the sugar habit and feel satisfied
  • Decrease your inflammation with anti-inflammatory foods
  • Balance your body weight.
  • All the planning work done for you

  • An easy-to-access online forum to ask questions, get answers from Emma and other professionals, and get to know the EVS community.

  • One start date, 4th February 2018, so everyone is together right from the beginning, all going on the journey at the same time.
  • All inclusive price of $170. No hidden extras or up-selling. Using paypal as a safe and easy method of payment.
This program has been tried and tested by many of my clients during my time in clinical practice.

Questions or queries?

Have a question about the EVS Program? Then submit it here and I’ll get back to you.

Here's what my clients say about me:

“Caring”, “encouraging”, “understanding”, “passionate”

“Emma has a great breadth of knowledge and a current facts-base approach”.

“I feel comfortable with her, I can tell her anything”.

“Emma walks the talk.”

“Emma offered me simple things that worked. She took a broad approach, not narrow solutions, practiced and realistic.”

Here's what Sarah S, said of her time doing the program:

“I learnt to change entrenched habits and feel better! For me, weight had crept up without me really noticing or understanding why, and Emma found a way to ‘trick’ my metabolism with great results!”

One start date, Sunday 4th February 2018.

Everyone is on the same start date. So throughout the programme, you will be part of a community of like-minded women, sharing your experiences and supporting each other along the way.

You'll have me supporting you the whole way through, answering questions and responding to your feedback.

I’ve run this program in my clinic for a number of years now. With each individual it is different, tweaked to their needs and specific issues, however this has meant that I have come to understand what can make an overall difference. Each woman has not only learnt about themselves and changed their health because of me, and the work they have done, I have also learnt from them about what makes the difference in what they eat and in their overall lives.
Have a question about the EVS Program? Then submit it here.

Ren.C did the program, here's what she said about her experience:

“Emma’s advice has been life changing. I now sleep well, eat well, have lost weight and feel amazing. Eating delicious, satisfying food from her has reset my body and my appetite so I no longer experience cravings for any particular food, especially sugar!”

How will the program be run?

Before each weekend you will be sent an email so you can easily plan your week ahead.

Attached to that email will be links to the menu, shopping list and recipe ebook, which you can easily find by logging into your membership-only program page. You’ll be able to print this off, if that’s the way you like to view the recipes.

The email will explain about the week and what to expect.

Plus there will be links to extra interesting topics you can find out about to read and listen to in your own time.

The weekly email will contain the other links you may want to be reminded about such as the members-only forum where you can share your experience with others doing the program. Or a link to contact me with any queries you might have or feedback.

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